Lifestyle Business Ideas 2018

A lifestyle business is one that allows its owners to work around their lives (as opposed to living life around a work schedule). There are so many lifestyle business ideas, we can’t list them all here (and lifestyle businesses can consist of multiple sources of income). Each business model has its ups and downs, but those who learn from past mistakes (including the mistakes of others) will eventually find success. Those who find inspiration and actually take action will find they build the habits of success long before others recognize them for it.

We’ve listed various lifestyle business ideas to help in exploring the possibilities:

1. Write a Book


Adolescent writing a book

A lot of people talk about writing a book, but few deliver. The most important thing in delivering any kind of product is insuring that it brings value, so no one should write a book just to write a book. Amazon Kindle publishing (and other platforms) offer places to sell ebooks and hard copy books alike. The more people who can access the creation, the better. Additionally, having a platform to inform and market to the audience can drastically increase sales with any valuable product.

2. Affiliate Marketing


People who work together for improvement

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money if a platform already exists. If an affiliate doesn’t have a place for advertiser’s to advertise, he has nothing to offer them. Additionally, if he has no audience, few (if any) advertisers will want to work with him. Affiliates can’t expect to make money with affiliate marketing if no one visits the site.

Once affiliates have an audience and custom domain, they can sell their space to advertisers. Ideally, these advertisers would sell products the affiliate would want to provide value with. The affiliate marketing business model is made simpler by affiliate networks like Click Bank or Commission Junction. The affiliate networking business model connects affiliates with advertisers and processes commissions affiliates may earn from helping to make a sale.

An affiliate marketing business model can also work without an affiliate network and go straight to the advertiser, companies and individuals alike. The most promising results one can hope for will sprout from connecting an audience with people and products that can bring them value. The better affiliates direct their traffic, the greater value they will bring to their audiences and advertisers.

3. Amazon Fulfilled-by-Amazon (Amazon FBA)


Amazon strategy planning for developing

Speaking of Amazon, they have a large platform with millions of users who want products lifestyle business owners have to offer. The Amazon FBA business model takes owners to the other side of the affiliate marketing model.

Owners create product and store them with Amazon; Amazon then fulfills the orders, so the greatest worry of the Amazon FBA business model is keeping quality products in stock. Sellers should work with affiliates and find other ways to drive traffic to their products. Amazon will also offer free shipping, adding to the likelihood of a sale.

4. Give instruction


The key to the instruction given to others

Those who want to learn and keep improving invest in instruction. Listed below are services people pay to be taught in some way:


    • Tutor. People need a little assistance, direction, or tutoring in various fields.


    • College application consultant. One of the most necessary (and draining) parts of preparing for college are filling out college applications.


    • Personal trainer. People are becoming more health conscious and physically aware all the time. Trainers push their clients to achieve the best results.


    • Investment advisor. Few people are good with money. Those who are can lend their knowledge to those who don’t, and some investment advisors also earn money from commissions.


    • SEO consultant. Search Engine Optimization is essential for any serious website owner, and SEO consultants can help website owners increase search engine visibility.


    • Travel consultant. Travel consultants earn money from commission from selling tickets, finding hotel accommodations, and other organization-based travel concerns people would rather pay someone else to do.


    • Give music lessons. People of all ages want to learn to play an instrument or train their voices.



5. Fix things


A man fix a car

Lifestyle business owners should consider offering their services in fixing things:


    • Be a handyman. Things break all the time; this is why handymen are so handy in nearly any area.


    • Make automotive repairs. Those with the knowledge and strength could make a great income from fixing vehicles.


    • Make alterations. Some people don’t have the patience, let alone the skill, for deconstructing and reconstructing clothing.


    • Clean houses. Sometimes, the thing people needs fixed is their mess.



6. Food

Quality food for a quality lifestyle



The restaurant business has been morphing into something new; people are always in need of some food service:


    • Restaurant. Those with a knack for cooking may consider opening a restaurant or cafe.


    • Food truck. For those who can’t afford much space, like to travel, or like the idea of being able to serve food all across town, a food truck may be the perfect solution.


    • Catering. The cost of running a catering service may be more affordable than running a restaurant business.


    • Custom baking. Bakers can get a lot of business, and their work can likely be done from their home kitchen (assuming they meet health code requirements).



7. Money


Learning to save and invest is the key to success

Few are “good” with money, but those wishing to start a lifestyle business need to be good enough with it to make a profit. For those who work with money particularly well, there are some options listed below:


    • Stock trader. Millions of dollars are in the stock market, and those who are really good with stock trading can do a lot of their work online.


    • Cryptocurrency trader. Those who understand the market could make a profit from cryptocurrency trading.


    • Sales letter writer. Many people are not good writers, but they know what they want from their product or company. They just need a little help in forming a written document.



8. Fashion


With Love you can Create Everything

Fashion is a big part of industry today, and there are quite a few things people could do to earn in this field:


    • Fashion label. Creating a fashion label is an option for those with creative flair, design skills, and, preferably, a platform.


    • Jewelry design. Custom jewelry creation can be a profitable lifestyle business.


    • Makeup artist. Makeup artists go to events and travel all over to make people look beautiful and enticing for whatever role they’re playing.


    • Luxury personal shopper. Business owners can earn a decent amount of money from helping the luxurious find those items they’ve been looking for with no luck on their own.



9. Blog


Write and Inspire someone for the better

Bloggers can establish an online presence and build a platform where they can sell their products and services. Freelancers may find that a blog (or platform in general) makes it easier to market what they offer; many bloggers also use affiliate marketing in their business model. Bloggers can write about anything, and the smartest bloggers are blogging through different mediums like YouTube. Some may even find value in having a podcast.

10. Sell Products


People looking for items to buy

Innovative people are creating new products every day. Those with products to sell make managing a lifestyle business more profitable and likely more passive:


    • Homemade goods.


    • T-shirt design.


    • Software and app development.


    • Online course creation.



11. Offer Services


Creates Personal Development Service

Valuable services in prime locations can expect to bring customers:


    • Virtual assistant.


    • Bookkeeper.


    • Marketing services.


    • Social media influencer.


    • Business planning service.


    • Event planner.


    • Guide service.


    • Private lifeguarding service.


    • Head hunting and recruitment service.


    • Collectibles search assistant.


    • Moving company.


    • Pet grooming.


    • Landscape services.


    • Beauty services.


    • Message therapy.


    • Bed and breakfast.


    • Daycare provider.


    • Senior care provider.



12. Freelancing


Freelancer working on computer
Freelancer working from the comfort of her own home

Many of the opportunities listed above may be regarded as freelancing gigs. Freelancers should avoid offering too many products or services. They should avoid selling quality for too cheap, so that they actually bring value to their customers and stick to project-based work.


    • Website set up, management, and security.


    • Website development and design.


    • Social media management.


    • Freelance writer.


    • Interior decorating.


  • Photography.

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